Laron syndrome practice questions

A set of genetics (plus a few molecular biology and evolution) practice questions using Laron syndrome as a phenotype interest. I have used some of these questions as in-class activities (sometimes before instruction about the topics at hand, other times as part of a lesson on the topics at hand) and others as practice questions or homework assignments.

Pre-requisite Knowledge

  • Basic knowledge of classical genetics and how to read pedigrees, basic knowledge of transcription and translation, very basic knowledge of population genetics. Please note that most questions only deal with one of classical, population, or molecular genetics.

Learning Objectives

  • Rigorously analyze pedigrees, including (but not limited to) systematically ruling out "impossible" modes of inheritance.
  • Describe the logic and reasoning, as well as the evidence used in support and any assumptions made, that lead to a particular conclusion (or "claim").
  • Appropriately employ a simple population genetics model (Hardy-Weinberg model) to estimate allele and genotype frequencies in a given population.
  • Describe the concept of dominance in terms of phenotypes and/or alleles, and apply it to a given context.
  • Develop hypotheses to explain differences in allele, genotype and phenotype frequencies between given populations, appropriately applying concepts related to simple (micro)evolutionary mechanisms.
  • Describe different kinds of mutations that would lead to the production of no functional gene product, and explain how they would result in such an outcome.


  • Kalas, Pam
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