Biology Frog Finding Literature

This video describes the use of search engines and includes some tips for accessing scientific literature. Different sources of information are described including primary, secondary and tertiary literature, plus the use of field guides and government databases.

Pre-requisite Knowledge

  • None

Learning Objectives

  • Identify three search engines useful for finding scientific literature.
  • Recognize the difference between primary, secondary and tertiary scientific literature.
  • Determine the reliability of on-line postings.
  • Recognize the usefulness of field guides and government data bases.

Related Resources

Biology Frog What is Literature

This video describes and provides examples of primary, secondary and tertiary scientific literature and why using literature is an important part of science. The video further describes examples of when to use each type of literature and the benefits of using each type.


  • Schimpf, Natalie
  • Athavan, Gayathri
  • Nomme, Kathy
  • Kalas, Pam

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